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Include tag

Include tag

A new tag, <include>, is introduced. It syntax is like:

<include src="some_filename" tag="some_tag_name"/>
The src attribute is mandatory, the tag attribute is optional. The include element is replaced by the content from some_filename. Or if the tag attribute is present, the content of the first element with tag name some_tag_name from some_filename. (Since it is a literal instead of a logical replace the tag is named include instead of import.)


  1. some_filename must be relative to ${input.dir}.
  2. While properties or includes present:
    1. Replace properties.
    2. Replace <include> tags.
  3. some_tag_name can be any HTML or self invented tag name. They are harmless since HTML specifies unknown tags must be ignored. See <toc> element in ${input.dir}/index.html and ${input.dir}/print_version.html.