Astronomical Distance Scales

by Ronald Koster, version 1.2, 2017-12-20

  Croatian translation (courtesy of Milica Novak)

Solar System Scale

Scale = 10-10 (1AU ^= 15m)

ItemIn mUnitSize of
Diameter Sun    0,1410cmLarge grapefuit
Diameter Earth    0,001271mmSmall ball bearing
Diameter Moon    0,000350,1mmGrain of sand
Distance Earth-Moon    0,0381cm 
Distance Sun-Earth  1510m 
Diameter Jupiter    0,01411cmMarble
Distance Sun-Jupiter  7810m 
Diameter Neptune    0,00491mmSmall (immature) berry
Distance Sun-Neptune450100m4,5 * FootballFieldLength
Diameter Pluto    0,000230,1mmGrain of sand
Distance Sun-Pluto591100m6 * FootballFieldLength
Distance Sun-ProximaCentauri4,02 * 1061MmDistance Utrecht-KuwaitCity

Galaxy Scale

Scale = 10-17 (1ly ^= 9,5cm ≈ 0,1m)

ItemIn kmUnitSize of
Diameter Earth1,3 * 10-130,1nmHydrogen atom
Distance Sun-Earth1,5 * 10-91μmBacterium
Distance Sun-Neptune45 * 10-910μmHuman cell
Distance Sun-ProximaCentauri4,02 * 10-410cmHeight of a women's boot
Diameter MilkyWay  1210kmCity of Utrecht
Distance MilkyWay-Andromeda254100kmDistance Utrecht-Luxembourg
Diameter Local group10 * 10310MmDistance Utrecht-CapeTown
Diameter Virgo supercluster11 * 104100Mm2,8 * PerimeterEarth
Most distant astronomical object1,3 * 1061Gm3,4 * DistanceEarthMoon